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Deena Nicole Cortese
 surprised everyone with her new look yesterday -- but she's not the only "Jersey Shore" cast member who's gone through some big changes since finding fame.

While Deena says she looks so different from losing weight, getting veneers and learning how to do her makeup better, her co-stars have taken a few other measures.

Snooki and Jwoww both dropped pounds as well, though Jwoww fought off plastic surgery rumors of her own when Season 4 started, thanks to her thinner, different-looking face.

And Snooks' body will change even more now that she's pregnant!

As for the boys, Vinny packed on some muscle following the first season and got seriously tatted up. Pauly D added some fresh ink as well.

Ronnie, The Situation and Sammi have all remained pretty faithful to their Season One selves ... for now at least.

Check out the "Jersey Shore" transformations in the gallery above!

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