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Miley Cyrus has been looking skinnier than usual these days -- and now, she's firing back at rumors she has an eating disorder.

The 19-year-old star set off Twitter speculation that she might be anorexic after posting a photo of her and a bag from fast food chain restaurant Carl's Jr.:

media_removed_toofab 102011
In a caption, she wrote "I can't eat it. So I'm just gonna smell the s*** out of it! My mouth is LITERALLY watering."

And like that, rumors went rampant ... so much so, Miley had to address it with a follow-up tweet.

"For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It's not about weight it's about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!"

She later defended herself with another tweet at her sister, Noah, saying "U saw how much I ate today at Easter lunch but all of it was healthy and even more fulfilling! Health is happiness!"

Along with a healthier diet, Miley has also been photographed hitting the gym a lot more recently.

This is hardly Cyrus' first time facing criticism about her weight ... nor is she alone with all the media scrutiny. See who else has faced criticism about their weight in the gallery above.

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