An Internet hoax tried to kill off Usher Raymond this morning on Twitter -- but he's still alive and kicking ... and flaunting his seriously buff bod!

The 33-year-old singer was forced to prove he's still alive after a nasty rumor spread online earlier today, and took to his Twitter to do it.

"Never scared, never dead...Just #Lookin 4 myself," he posted earlier today along with the shirtless photo above. Alongside another shot he commented "Livin' Legend!!!"

While it's clear he's been working out, Usher has been pretty busy outside of the gym lately too.

He and protege Justin Bieber just recorded two duets for each other's upcoming albums, and shot some cover art for the singles yesterday in L.A.

How does Usher stack up against other the buff guys in Hollywood? Check out the gallery above!

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