"Glee" finally returned to our TVs on Tuesday, when we learned of Quinn's fate and met Blaine's famous actor brother, Cooper Anderson!

Matt Bomer, star of "White Collar," guested on the ep as Darren Criss' character's older bro, and the two battled out their problems in song (as one does on "Glee," naturally).

Cooper also headed up an acting class for the New Directions kids, where he stressed the importance of pointing, and expressed his disappointment in losing out on a "Transformers 4" audition for Michael Bay. Ever the good brother, Blaine suggested they put Coop's audition on tape ... and it's hilarious!

Watch below as Cooper and Blaine act out quite possibly the awesomest audition video ever.

What did you think of Matt on "Glee?" Would you like to see him back on the show? Sound off below!

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