Zac Efron has some skills when it comes to unhooking a bra!

Two hilarious Aussie reporters put "The Lucky One" star's skills in the movie to the test in real life on "Hot 30 Countdown" -- by whipping out some lingerie for the actor to undo in the middle of the interview.

Straight men everywhere, take note: "You just pinch and slide," says Zac ... who unclasped the bra without breaking a sweat.

While Efron has no problem taking clothes off women like co-star Taylor Schilling, watching him take them off himself is a different story.

"I’ve only seen a rough cut of the film, but at the end of that thing I was squirming," he says of his revealing scenes in the flick.

Catch Zac, his buff bod and his bra unhooking skills in action again when "The Lucky One" drops in theaters April 20.

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