0417_rock_singleDwyane "The Rock" Johnson may be known for his ridiculous physique and action hero status, but he's now on the hunt for real-life heros ... literally.

The 39-year-old announced a new TV and social media competition series to find the next great hero, aptly titled "The Hero."

Dwayne is set to host and executive produce the show, which will feature three teams stationed around the world. Contestants have to overcome obstacles and endure various challenges, moral dilemmas and self-sacrifices for the strength of their team. In the end, the person who overcomes the most will be named The Hero.

Social media will be incorporated into every facet of the show -- from pre-production to casting to shooting to broadcast -- an important factor for the actor.

“'The Hero' will bridge the digital and physical world on the small screen in an unmatched fashion, enabling fans to determine the fate of the show's contestants entirely through social media and on-screen decision making,” Dwayne said.

While it may be some time before you see "The Hero" on your TV screen, you can see action-hero Dwayne in "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," in theaters June 29.

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