Beyonce Knowles was just named People's Most Beautiful Person​, but was she always as stunning as she is today? You'll find out, but first check out what Mariah Carey and Adam Levine looked like in high school.

Mariah Carey

Recognize this little girl? She would become a big diva! Mariah Carey actually dropped out of high school, in favor of beauty school. Eight years after this photo was taken she would be one of the top-selling artists of all time, male or female.


Adam Levine

Who would've guessed that this lanky 8th grader would become the scruffy, hot hearttrob and Maroon 5 frontman? Adam Levine admitted to "Access Hollywood" that he was "very uncool" and "desperately" wanted to be Eddie Vedder.


Beyonce Knowles

Back in her school days, Beyonce had a less-than-perfect smile and wore her hair in braids. Her talent was evident  from a young age though -- she was part of the girl group Girl's Tyme when she was just eight years old (along with BFF and Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland).

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