Clearly Adam Levine doesn't keep up with the Kardashians.

In a new interview, Levine takes a few jabs at Kim K.'s E! show -- questioning why anyone would watch a program like that in the first place.

When asked if he watched "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" during an interview with Australia's "Kyle & Jackie O Show" he quickly replied, "No, because I don't care!"

"My life is beautiful because I don’t," he adds. "The funniest part about it is it’s not disrespectful or anything, but I like artfulness. I don’t need to watch someone go to the f**king supermarket, who gives a s**t? Why would you ever care about that, you can go do that yourself!"

Of course, Adam is a coach on the reality competition "The Voice" -- but he says it's different than doing an actual reality show.

"I’m a huge fan of keeping a lot to myself, otherwise you just become this joke," he says. "I’m not living my life on television, I’m doing my job."

Adam may not agree, but the Kardashians must be doing something right -- Sunday's season premiere was up 16% from last year's debut.

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