There are celebs known for having many tattoos -- Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, David Beckham and Rihanna all have obvious ink -- but did you ever imagine that "Hannah Montana" would have 14 tattoos?

Well, believe it, folks! Miley Cyrus was spotted recently with the Roman numerals "VIIXCI" on the inside of her right elbow, bringing her tat total to fourteen.

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Team toofab did a little research to find out what other body art the teen queen is rocking (and where!), and were able to nail down 13 of the 14 tattoos. We can tell you the last one is the words "Just Breathe," but it's in a rather, shall we say, delicate area, so no photo kids, sorry!

Click "Launch Gallery" above to check out the ink -- including a an anchor, the phrase "Love Never Dies" and even a dreamcatcher. Yes, and it's huge.

Miley isn't the only chick rocking body art. Click below to guess which celeb ladies have these tattoos!


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