Summer's just around the corner!

One of the easiest ways to change up your style (and protect your eyes) is with a new pair of sunglasses!

So which sunglasses suit you the best? toofab breaks down the most common face shapes -- round, square, oval and heart-shaped -- and recommends styles to flatter to your face.

Round faces

Description: You have fuller cheeks, a rounder chin, and few angles.

Celebrities with round faces: Kelly Clarkson, Elijah Wood, Kristen Dunst, Kanye West

Recommended style: Rectangular frames will add angles to your face, and make your face appear longer and thinner. Round frames are a no-no, they'll only emphasize the roundness of your face.

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Simple and solid is the way to go. If you want something a little less angular, try a soft square frame. If you're feeling a little sportier, try this style.

Square faces

Description: You have a broad forehead, square jaw and square chin

Celebrities with square faces: Lea Michele, Tom Cruise, Olivia Wilde, Demi Moore

Recommended styles:

For men, the soft square (see above) work, but the rounder the better.

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Oval bottoms are flattering, as are round ones.

For women, there are a couple of options.

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Giant sunglasses are a celebrity favorite. Try these if you want to go glam but not so giant.

Oval faces

Description: Your proportions are balanced.

Celebrities with oval faces: Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Liv Tyler

Recommended style: You're lucky. Any style will work with your face.

Men can choose the classic aviator, but why not experiment with some trendier styles?

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We like the modern hipster and sleek sport style.

Women can accessorize anyway they choose.

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Feminine takes on men's styles and bold colors are totally in.

Heart-shaped faces

Description: You have a broad forehead, narrower jawline, and narrow chin.

Celerities with heart-shaped faces: Zac Efron, Hayden Panettiere, Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry

Recommended style:

For men, a bottom heavy frame -- like the classic aviator -- help balance out the broadness of the forehead.

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You can't go wrong with an aviator or this bestseller.

Women can get away with a cat-eye style, which complements your face shape.

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We love this modern take on the classic cat-eye. There's a chic, slightly more rounded version too.

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