Meet the woman with one of the best jobs on Earth: Mark Wahlberg's personal spray tanner!

Tennille Cardinal is the lucky lady who covers Marky Mark head-to-toe with a fake tan on the set of his new movie "Pain and Gain" ... as he wears nothing more than his black Jockey underwear.

Cardinal, who works for Norvell Skin Solutions, was spotted getting to work on Mark on a hotel balcony earlier this week -- and now she's shared a couple personal (and very sexy!) photos exclusively with toofab

"As a 13 year sunless professional for Norvell it was an honor to spray an icon like Mark Wahlberg," she tells toofab. "He was professional and very down to earth each time we met. He is in amazing shape, you can tell he put the time in for this movie and made my job so much more exciting. Thank You Mark!”

Thank you, indeed ... check out another hot shot below:


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