The judges of "X Factor" all walked off set after a disastrous audition this weekend -- and now, Britney Spears is opening up about the "bizarre" Kansas City tryouts.

"I feel like we've had a little bit of bizarre performances overall," Spears says in some exclusive backstage video. "There have been some good ones, but for the most part there's been some that were pretty bad!"

She says that they have seen some auditions with "serious potential," but not many with a real chance to win it all.

Britney and judges Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell's substitute Louis Walsh all seem to get along really well in the behind-the-scenes clip -- though Brit admits it's not a perfect relationship 24/7.

"You ganged up on me one time," she says to the other judges. "One time, it wasn't nice!"

"One time out of 75 auditions, that's not bad," L.A. joked, adding "We tend to agree with Britney more than others, honestly, she has amazing taste."

Watch the video above to find what makes Britney happiest about being a judge ... and if she thinks her past as a performer makes her more critical or sympathetic to the contestants.

"The X Factor" Season 2 premieres this fall on FOX.

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