and Ashley Olsen turn 26 today! The fraternal twins started out playing the adorable Michelle Tanner on "Full House," and from the time when they were just babies, the girls have grown-up entirely in the public eye.

Since their sitcom days, the Olsens have become successful entrepreneurs, expanding their brand into fashion and fragrance lines, and both have become style symbols. Although the girls have avoided the lime light for the last few years, Mary-Kate has made recent headlines surrounding her high profile relationship with a much older man!

Just this month, Mary-Kate’s been romantically linked with 42-year-old, Oliver Sarkozy. Oliver is the younger brother of the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Oliver has been spotted out with the 26-year-old Olsen all over … cozying up almost everywhere, from the Hamptons to basketball games!

The Olsen twins have always been difficult to differentiate even though they're not identical; do you think you can tell them apart? Click “Launch Gallery” below and guess which twin is Mary-Kate!

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