"Falling Skies," -- the breakout hit of last summer -- is back, and we have the explosive first three minutes from the new season!

The science fiction drama follows a ragtag band of freedom fighters battling alien invaders in Massachusetts. In the Season 1 finale, resistance leader Tom Mason (Noah Wylie) willingly boarded an alien vessel.

The Season 2 premiere picks up three months later. Tom is nowhere to be seen, and the freedom fighters, dubbed the 2nd Mass, are continuing their fight with the alien Skitters and their robotic Mechs. There's bikes, guns, lasers and rocket launchers -- everything a great battle needs. Check it out below:

Perhaps the most notable part of the intro is Tom's middle son Ben (Connor Jessup) -- who was kidnapped and harnessed by the Skitters as a worker -- is now an active fighter. He leaps from an open window (having gained superhuman agility while he was harnessed) and kills one of his former captors.

ComingSoon.net had a lengthy interview with the cast, and we've gleaned a few highlights. Warning, there are some mild spoilers below:

- Tom will return from the alien ship in episode 1 or 2. Some will celebrate his return, but his former rival Pope (Colin Cunningham) distrusts him.

- Tom and Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) will pursue their relationship and spend some "more time in the supply closet," according to Wyle.

- Ben is the character that blossoms this season, says Bloodgood. He will trade blows with his older brother Hal (Drew Roy).

- "Lost" alum Terry O'Quinn will guest star as Tom's former history professor and mentor Arthur Manchestor. Wyle describes working with the veteran actor as "terrific."

"Falling Skies" returns this Sunday, June 17th on TNT.

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