The big screen has given us some pretty great father figures … good and bad. So in honor of Father’s Day, we’ve pulled 10 of our favorite quotes from some of films' greatest dads (in more ways than one)!

Who can forget when Luke Skywalker finds out his sworn enemy Darth Vader is really his father in "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back!" Or the love and guidance Mufasa shows baby Simba, a true patriarch, in Disney's "The Lion King."

And even Tom Baker, the father of 12 in “Cheaper by the Dozen,” who despite the chaos of managing an army of children finds ways to make it work and stay connected with his kids.

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Just like in the movies, fathers can be heroes in real life too. And although our dads might not be as cool, funny, or lethal as those in some of our favorite flicks, Father’s Day is the one day a year to make your dad feel like he’s just as awesome as the guys on the silver screen!

Happy Father’s Day! Click “Launch Gallery” above to see 10 of our favorite quotes from movie dads!

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