Paula Abdul turns 50 years old today!

The former Laker Girl turned pop star turned talent judge is known for being pretty over-the-top. From her bizarre behavior on "American Idol" to her many slurred speeches, we just can’t get enough of her eccentric and entertaining ways! So in celebration of her milestone birthday, we’ve compiled a list of Paula’s straight-up most outrageous moments. Enjoy!

1. During Season 7 of "American Idol," Paula compliments David Archuleta's rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine," proclaiming, "David, you are ridiculous!" She adds, "I wanted to squish you, squeeze your head off, and dangle you from my rear-view mirror."

2. On her reality show "Hey Paula," the star goes from happy to mad with the flip of a switch, telling her stylist "I work my a-- off!"

3. Paula tells "Idol" contestant Jason Castro that his performance in the second song "lacked your usual charm." Problem is ... Jason had only sung once on the show (Paula later clarified she was comparing his performance from the dress rehearsal).

4. Paula and Simon Cowell engage in a torrid kiss during a skit for "American Idol."

5. In 2007 Paula slurs her words and fidgets uncontrollably during a live interview on Seattle’s FOX news.

6. Paula has a meltdown in her reality series "Hey Paula" after she realizes she got cut from the "Bratz" movie.

7. Paula Abdul acts eccentric during a taping of QVC.

8. Paula breaks out in laughter during auditions for "The X Factor" and has to leave the room because she is hysterical.

9. Paula gets punked  by Sacha Baron Cohen in "Bruno" and storms off set.

10. “Idol” contestant Corey Clark claims he had an alleged affair with Paula. The "Idol" judge told Cory she wanted to be his "special friend."

Happy birthday Paula. Here's to many more years of memorable moments!

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