It was a brutal night on "So You Think You Can Dance" last night -- where two wannabe contestants were sent to the hospital after some nasty accidents.

The first injury came during the partner round, when Danielle Dominguez was kicked in the head.

"I don't think she's O.K., she's just been hit badly" judge Nigel Lythgoe proclaimed as Danielle finished off the dance. When asked if she was alright after, Dominguez looked visibly confused and was sent to the medics.

Eventually, they took her away in an ambulance. Unfortunately, she was eliminated the following day after the group routines.

Dominguez wasn't the only one sent to the hospital though.

Later in the episode, Joshua Alexander was preparing for a solo and was knocked unconscious after landing on his back doing a backflip.

His fate on the show won't be decided until next week, when the Top 20 will be announced.

Have you been tuning in this season? What do you think so far?

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