Justin Bieber
was knocked out cold last month after running into a wall of glass in Paris -- and now, there's video of the incident!

The moment Bieber collapsed was shown in last night's "All Around the World" special on NBC and was actually scarier than we imagined.

Though it was reported he passed out while heading to his dressing room, we had no idea it happened when he was going down a flight of stairs!

In the clip you see him drop to the ground midway down the staircase, which thankfully had a landing for him to fall on.

He was then seen being carried by bodyguards while manager Scooter Braun explained "He was unconscious for like, 4 or 5 minutes." At the time, TMZ reported Bieber suffered a concussion from the incident.

The accident aftermath will be shown tonight, on Part Two of the special.

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