Kris Jenner came under fire this week when it was revealed she allowed daughter Kim Kardashian to get birth control when she was "almost 15" -- a decision she's now steadfastly defending.

"You want to protect your kids," Kris tells Bethenny Frankel in an interview airing Monday.

"Kim came to me and you know, was very honest with me and said 'Mommy I think I’m feeling, you know, sexual,'" Jenner continues. "What I did as a parent with all my girls. When I felt like it was that time in their life that they were going to that step ... I drive as fast as I could to the gynecologist’s office."

The open-book matriarch adds, "You can try and talk your kids out of it, but unless you lock your child in the closet and throw the key away, they’re going to do what they feel. So my philosophy has also been make sure your kids are healthy, well taken care of and educated."

During the interview, Kris also talks about Kim's relationship with Kanye West -- and reveals why her daughter "hasn't been so right lately" about the men in her life.

Check out the full interview when it airs Monday on "Bethenny."

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