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Hey youuuuuuu guys!

"The Goonies" came out 27 years ago this month -- and today, one of the film's stars celebrates his 59th birthday.

As one of the Fratelli Brothers, b-day boy Robert Davi terrorized the title characters on their hunt for One-Eyed Willie's long lost treasure.

Since the 1985 flick, Davi played a Bond villain in "License to Kill," appeared in cult classic "Showgirls" and starred on "Profiler." Davi, who sang opera in "Goonies," even released an album of Frank Sinatra covers recently and is currently on tour.

Unfortunately Anne Ramsey ("Mama Fratelli") passed away from cancer in 1988 -- and former NFL star John Matuszak ("Sloth") died the following year.

But what do Robert and the rest of the cast look like today? Check out the gallery above!

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