0628_bigang_articleFake hair, big boobs, plumped up lips and lots of drama!

No, this isn't the trailer for a new "Real Housewives" show. It's "Big Ang" -- a "Mob Wives" spin-off featuring husky voiced bar owner Angela Raiola.

The series follows Ang and the wild times at The Drunken Monkey -- the Staten Island bar she runs. In true reality fashion, there's drunken debauchery, dirty dancing, and hot tub hijinks.

Check out the trailer for "Big Ang" below, where we're introduced to Ang and her, um ... interesting group of friends.

Plus keep an eye out for her younger sister Janine, who is equally orange!

And yes, since we know you're wondering, Angela was born a biological woman.

"Big Ang" premieres on VH1 on July 8th!

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