It’s hard to believe that Lindsay Lohan is only 26 today! In her life, Lilo's already faced a whirlwind of drama ... some self-created ... and some just bad luck.

The former child star has had plenty of run-ins with the police, served some semi-serious jail time, been in countless car accidents, had several stints in rehab, and been in some scandalous love triangles. She's single-handedly kept dozens of tabloid reporters and paparazzos employed!

But we have faith that the "Liz and Dick" actress can wipe her slate clean this year! She does have two projects currently in the works and she’s off of probation, which is a good start. And if Britney Spears can make a comeback, surely Lindsay can as well!

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So as she turns another year older and hopefully gets a little bit wiser, we wanted take a look back at 26 of her craziest moments. Click “Launch Gallery” above to see all of her wild mishaps!

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