Yesterday, FOX announced that Mariah Carey will be joining the "American Idol" judging panel next season, reportedly to the tune of $18 million.

The 42-year-old pop star brings years of industry experience and genuine vocal ability (sorry Jennifer Lopez). But what we're most looking forward to is seeing how Mariah acts on live TV.

You see, Mariah brings a loopiness that rivals Paula Abdul and a diva attitude on par with J.Lo's. Just check out this appearance she made a year ago on HSN. The geniuses over at Gawker pulled all her best moments into one clip, which you can watch below:

We can totally imagine Mimi swatting away invisible "butterflies," calling contestants "darling," having a "fragrant moment" and speaking in a faux British accent!

Between Mariah and new "X Factor" judge Britney Spears, who will have more eyebrow-raising moments on air? Vote below!

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