Nicki Mianj loves showing off her famous curves ... but she doesn't want you gettin' close to them!

The "Super Bass" singer was performing a concert in Miami earlier this week when a super fan ran on stage ... attempting to give Nicki a hug during her show.

Minaj was definitely surprised by the dreadlocked intruder, who was swiftly swarmed by security and forcefully pulled off stage.

Nicki didn't look too fazed by the ordeal though, appearing to make a joke to the crowd and continuing her set.

"Florida u were amazing tonight!!!! Thank u soooo much for the love!!!!! Mmmuuuuaaahhhh!!!!!" she even tweeted after the show.

While crazy, our favorite fan interruption comes courtesy Britney Spears, who was rushed mid-song and screamed ... only her microphone didn't pick it up because she was lip-singing!

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