Celebs are just like us -- their schedules are full and most don't want to spend hours every day working out.

When a 45-minute routine was developed that could burn up to 1,250 calories while toning the core, arms, back and legs, Hollywood took note. While spinning isn't new, Cycle House takes it to the next level!

Stars including Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Gerard Butler are fans of the intense indoor cycling workout, Alkaline water (waste-generating water bottles are not sold), and social benefit (for every ride, two meals are donated to a person in need).

toofab's Annie Koeblitz met up with Cycle House instructor Tolland Weems to talk about cycling's benefits and tips for beginners to get their butts in gear!

Not only can you get a great workout at Cycle House, but you might get your next job! Cycle House owner Lara Gillman noticed a huge influx of networking going on in the studio; at any given time there were managers, agents, publicists, and business professionals bonding with co-workers and clients over a great workout as opposed to the traditional after-work cocktail.

Lara explains the "sweatworking" phenomenon below:

Wanna get in on the action? Join the "Happy Hour" House Ride that takes place at Cycle House every Friday night. Riders take a 45-minute spin class together (the music playlist is limited to house/trance music) and afterwards enjoy low-calorie, "Cycle House Signature" cocktails in the courtyard together. It is a fresh spin on the traditional "after-work networking" cocktail hour!

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