The 2012 MTV VMAs are this Thursday, and we can’t wait to see what crazy couture hits the red carpet! Known as one of the most fashion-forward award shows, the VMA’s have brought about plenty of memorable (sometimes scary) looks from our favorite celebs through the years.

Remember when Lil' Kim wore a purple jumper with her left breast exposed to the 1999 VMAs? The crazy outfit sparked an on-stage grope from music legend, Diana Ross!

Nobody has forgotten about Lady Gaga’s gown made of raw meat -- that dress will always haunt us. Really, what kind of perfume do you think she wore to mask the smell? Maybe her "Fame" would do the trick ... it is made with ingredients like blood and semen!

And just last year, Nicki Minaj definitely wasn’t channeling her inner Barbie with that outfit! Her hairdo, face mask, and pink metallic dress are pretty out of this world. Maybe she was tapping into her inner alien? She does have multiple personas!


Of these three, who do you think was the biggest fashion offender? Vote above and click “Launch Gallery” to see even more crazy VMA couture through the years!

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