P!nk says she's a changed woman these days ... and it's all thanks to her daughter Willow.

"I'm way more fun," the singer tells Ellen DeGeneres in a new clip from September 10 episode of her talk show.

"I used to wake up and go…oh, I should check my pulse. I don’t feel good and what am I going to do today?  I don’t know if I’m happy.  And now I’m like, let’s start with a cuddle," she adds, while also sharing some personal photos of her one-year-old little girl.


And it's not just her daughter that's keeping her happy -- it's also her husband, Carey Hart.
"Marriage is real man," she says. "I’m happy a lot of the time (laughing) ... I’m happy because even when I’m mad he’s still hot!"

Check out another cute shot of Willow in the video above.

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