They may be poised on stage, but when you get child beauty pageant contestants on live TV, things can run amok!

Who can forget when little Kalia Deliz went crazy on a L.A. morning show? The latest wild child is none other than Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo!

Alana and her mom June Shannon (who is nicely cleaned up) appeared on "Anderson Live" today to talk about their success. Alana seems to have had too much of her "Go Go Juice," because after hollering her infamous line "You Better Redneckonize" she makes funny faces and more!

Watch as Alana cracks up Anderson Cooper and guest host Kristin Chenoweth:

Plus, see how June responds to comparisons to the Kardashians.

"Anderson Live" premieres today. Check your local listings to see when it airs.

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