If there was anything that made you cringe during Wednesday's season premiere of "The X Factor," it was the audition of Don Philip.

The contestant was one who had a very personal connection to Britney Spears: He performed a duet with her on her debut album.

The song was "I Will Still Love You," and while it was never released as a single, it's one of the few times Britney has shared singing credits with another artist.

Listen to the song below:

The two clearly lost touch in the 10 years after the album was released and you could tell right away that Don was going to have rough audition. The guy, now 32, was on the verge of tears with every word he spoke ... even before hitting the "X Factor" stage.

It was devastating watching his shaky performance of Beyonce's "Halo" and even harder to see his complete breakdown after Simon and Britney told him his voice just wasn't good enough to continue.

But it's what you didn't see that's even more interesting.

Back when the show was still filming, it was revealed that Don also used his time on stage to come out to Britney ... but that didn't make air.

"I'm gay," Philip reportedly said. "At the time [they recorded together], I didn't think I was worth ... I didn't think you thought it was OK that I am gay."

Britney replied, "I think it is fine you are gay."

The exchange was likely cut out for time, but helps shine some extra light on why the singer was so emotional throughout his whole appearance.

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