Halloween is just around the corner, and to get you in the scary state of mind we have two new horror movie trailers for you!

First up, what do you get when you put hot actors wearing little clothing (not that we mind) in the South, along with a crazy guy wielding power tools? "Texas Chainsaw 3D," of course! See the first trailer from what looks to be another gory entry in the popular "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" franchise:

Why would you hide in a coffin? Come on!

The second flick employs one of our most feared horror movie staples -- creepy kids!

"Mama" tells the tale of two little girls who were left alone to survive in the forest for 5 years. They are taken in by their uncle and his partner (Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain), and of course, super scary things ensue.

So creepy!

Both films hit theaters in January.

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