It was another night of awkward situations for Britney Spears on "The X Factor" on Thursday -- as a super fan butchered one of her songs to her face.

"I love everything about Britney Spears," Patrick Ford proclaimed before heading into his audition, carrying a bouquet of flowers to give to the pop star.

This was one of those auditions where you knew it would be horrible from the start. The second Ford dove into his awful arrangement of Spears' hit song "Circus," it was over ... and Britney looked horrified.

The judges all hated it, with Britney merely telling the guy "No" when it was time to vote.

Patrick was devastated his idol didn't offer up a critique -- and so are we!

This was a real chance for Britney to shine, give us some real banter about ruining one of her songs ... but instead, all we got were more of her signature silly faces.

Two episodes into the new season, how do you feel about Britney as a judge? Sound off below!

Update: This isn't Patrick's first brush with reality TV. He appeared on "American Idol" back in 2010, singing, you guessed it, Britney Spears.

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