Kellie Pickler
is bald and beautiful after shaving her head to support one of her best friends who was diagnosed with breast cancer -- but she was very nervous about getting buzzed.

"I will be honest with you. I was a little nervous and she was too," Pickler says in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. "We were both a little nervous, hope we don’t have some crazy birthmark or a wart or a mole!"

Despite their reservations, Kellie and Summer both still went through with it  -- and Kellie has no regrets.

"That is probably one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Just being able to do that with her," she adds. "The last thing that you want for anyone that you love that you don't want them to walk through the valley lone."

She adds, "I think it's important to have a cancer buddy."
Pickler also gives an update on Summer, who just started chemo.
"She’s doing good," Pickler says. "Of course it’s hard. It’s hard on your body. It’s hard on your mind.  It’s not an easy thing to go through. But she’s a storing woman and she’s handled it with such grace."
See more of Kellie's interview above -- and watch the whole thing when it airs Monday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

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