British fashion designer Pam Hogg has taken the expression "being cheeky" to a whole new low level.

During her London Fashion Week show, several of her models wore sheer garments ... and in one case, nothing at all.

The bare-bummed beauty was socialite/model Alice Dellal, the Paris Hilton of the U.K.

Another "celebrity" catwalker was Lady Mary Charteris, who made headlines in this revealing wedding dress earlier this month. During the show, she went topless, with her chest covered by a loofah-like bib and "dress" ... if you can call it that. Check out all the wild fashions below:

Pam Hogg London Fashion Week

Pam's celebrity clients include Jessie J and Lady Gaga. Judging by this controversial outfit Gaga wore over the weekend, we can imagine her turning heads in Hogg.

If you MUST see the NSFW shots, head over to HuffPo.

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