Britney Spears may be a judge on "The X Factor," but last night she invaded "The Voice."

Contestant Melanie Martinez sang Brit's hit single "Toxic" for her audition, but stripped down the heavy pop tune for a more Bjork-sounding performance.

All the judges loved it ... well, almost all of them.

Aguilera was the only one who didn't turn around, though she later conceded Melanie had "originality" in her voice. Maybe Xtina was just hurt the girl didn't sing "Genie In a Bottle."

But don't worry, Christina got her time to shine too -- when the show aired a sneak peek at her new music video for "Your Body."

No word yet on when the full thing premieres, but you can expect it to be an explosive clip ... literally.

Christina looks great in the promo clip too, sporting pink hair, a number of sexy outfits and a necklace with the words "Rich Bitch" on it. 

Check out the sneak peek below:

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