From "forklift foot" to "vajiggle jaggle" -- we love Mama June-isms! And now there's a new one: "Bingo face"!

On Wednesday’s episode of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," June takes daughter Alana (Honey Boo Boo) to play her favorite pastime – Bingo.

The game, which Mama insists is a “sport,” causes her to squint because of her poor eyesight.

“Bingo and couponing is my all-time favorite sport, but playing Bingo I have to be more intense because my eyesight isn't that good. I have to squint a lot. I guess that's like my Bingo face,” she tells the cameras.

June, 32, has been playing the game since she was just 10-years-old and insists it’s not an “old person’s sport.” But it's not just for fun, Mama wants to bring home the bacon – a $1000 jackpot – for Alana’s next pageant.

But Honey Boo Boo doesn’t have the same passion for the game as her mom; instead, she’s more entertained by the pink markers.

Watch the hilarious clip below to see Mama get her game face on!

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