Lord Robert Walters is one of the sexy stars of TLC's new reality show "Secret Princes," which follows four well-off gents as they travel undercover to America to find their perfect match.

With the show premiering tonight, we asked for your questions earlier this week for a Q&A with Lord Robert -- and now, we've got his responses!

See what he's looking for in the perfect woman -- and if he prefers blondes over brunettes.

1.) Do you think you could ever settle with just one woman?

Absolutely, I believe there is always a perfect person for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding them sooner rather than later.
2.) Were you nervous about deceiving the women on the show? Trust is the foundation of a good marriage.

I believe that trust is the true foundation of any kind of relationship, be it friends, family and husbands or wives, without trust you really have nothing. I cannot have a relationship of any kind without trust.

As for the show, I was not deceiving these ladies on who I was as a person, I merely did not tell them about what I owned or that I was from a Royal bloodline, which for me does not define a person but unfortunately due to my experiences in the past with some people, they wanted to get close to me for all the wrong reasons.

I wanted to give myself the chance of meeting people as me and just me without any preconceptions. I was true to myself on the show, which hopefully the viewers will see.
3.) Why did you sign up for a reality show? Can't you get women on your own?

I didn't do the show because I was unable to meet woman, I did the show because it gave me the opportunity to meet woman without any preconceptions on who I was. They knew nothing about me and I liked that. I was taken for who I was as a person, not for any other reason. So if a girl liked me, or if a colleague I worked with in Atlanta liked me, then it was for me and nothing else. As I said being rich, royal or famous does not automatically make you a nice or good person.
4.) So if I dated you for your looks, are you okay with that ? :)

If you dated someone on their looks alone and not for the person then you would get very bored very quickly, I know I would. I could never date someone on their looks alone, because at some point you are going  to have to talk to them, and if you have nothing in common with then it would be over very soon.
5.) Would you consider an older woman as your wife? I know some beautiful Southern girls who may just suit your fancy.

I am completely uninterested by age or ethnic group. If I like a girl it makes no difference to me what their age or race are, I like them and that is all that counts.
6.) How does living a "normal" life differ from your life as a prince? Any advantages or disadvantages to either?

I think both have their advantages and disadvantages, like anything I guess. Living my normal life is good fun, but also living life working in a bar was good fun too. For starters, everyone judged me for me and I ended up making some good friends. For me life is all about the people in it, if you have good people around you then you will have a nice life.
7.) Is there anything other than the accent that attracts you to Southern belles like myself?

I can’t tell you quite why I like southern girls, I just always have. It’s a mix of their accent, kindness and sincerity.  
8.) How do you know if the right woman sees your heart and soul?

I think it’s one of those things you just know. My father always called it the X-factor (not the show). Meaning you have a deeper connection that you can’t explain. He always said "Don’t be with someone you can live with, Be with someone you can’t live without." Very wise words
9.) What else do you look for in a woman?

I don’t specifically look for certain things, I go for a complete package. A mix. Maybe a couple of things are, Funny, adventurous, kind to others, warm, generous, thoughtful, don’t take themselves too seriously, ambitious and an amazing bum. A tall order I know.
10.) Blondes or Brunettes?

Makes absolutely no difference to me, I don’t have a type, never have never will.

"Secret Princes" premieres tonight on TLC.

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