Sophie Tweed-Simmons tried to step out of her famous father's shadow by auditioning on "The X Factor" last night --but was she any good?

The 19-year-old popped up during the San Francisco auditions and while she tried to keep father Gene Simmons a secret, Demi Lovato (an apparent friend of Simmons' son Nick) instantly put it together when she found out what her last name was.

Sophie performed Adele's "Make You Feel My Love," and while the singer's voice is hard to compete with, she sounded really good. While L.A. Reid wasn't a big fan, the rest of the judges gave her enough yeses to go through to the next round.

How do you think she'll do overall? Check out her audition above!

Other highlights from last night include:

37-year-old father Daryl Black, who impressed all four judges by singing a stripped down version of Gym Glass Heroes "Stereo Hearts."

And while 15-year-old Dinah Jane Hanson had some trouble with the lower notes of Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy," she soared with the chorus -- prompting L.A. to proclaim "You took that thing to places even Beyonce didn't take it!"

We wouldn't go that far ... but she was really good.

Lastly, the judges really loved 26-year-old David Correy, who said he hoped he could find his birth mom by being on the show. We can't embed his video -- but check it out here.

Are you rooting for anyone yet? Sound off below!

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