TLC fans noticed a familiar face on last night's episode of "The X Factor": 540 lb. minister Freddie Combs.

Don't remember Freddie? Here's a refresher.

The wheelchair-bound 40-year-old and his wife Kay were featured on a TLC special called "Ton of Love" back in 2010 -- and then had their very own 2011 special, "Heavily Ever After: The Big Climb."

While "Heavily" was meant to be a pilot for a series with the couple, the network only ended up airing two episodes.

At the time, Combs weighed around 700lbs., meaning he's lost over 100 pounds since 2011.

Last night, Combs performed "The Wind Beneath My Wings" for the judges -- and they were blown away.

L.A. Reid called the audition "Heavenly," while Britney Spears said he was "shockingly amazing."

Simon Cowell echoed their praise, adding that he wanted to see him standing up, looking "healthy" and "happy" in the future.

"I don't think you deserve to be stuck in that chair ... I'll back you if you back yourself," Cowell added.

What did you think of Freddie? Think he'll continue to drop the weight?

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