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Winona Ryder is prime for a comeback -- and she's looking better than ever!

The 40-year-old actress was snapped on the set of her next movie with Jason Statham, "Homefront," looking sexy with a tight leather jacket, ombre extensions and some flawless makeup.

And yes, she was smoking ... but we're hoping the cigarette is just a prop for the flick.

The Sylvester Stallone-penned movie is only the next step in a return to the spotlight for Ryder, who has been keeping a relatively low profile since her '80s/late '90s heyday.

Coming up first though is "Frankenweenie," which re-teams her with the man who jump-started her career with "Beetlejuice": Tim Burton.

And while a lot has changed in the world since they made that movie back in 1988, she says "Frankenweenie" -- about a boy who reanimates his dead dog -- really made her think twice about modern technology.

"It can be used for great things and not so great things. I sometimes feel a little slow with things like technology and the Internet," Ryder told reporters at the movie's press junket last week. "I'm not against it at all, it's just I'm old-fashioned and I like actual books and talking to people face to face."

She adds that technology "can be amazing ways to expose corruption and give voices to people who don't have them, but the other side, which is sort of like this celebrity culture, is just a little strange to me. I try not to pay attention to that."

Check out Ryder's voice work as "Elsa" when "Frankenweenie" opens this weekend in theaters -- and check out more shots of her on set in "Homefront" above.

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