It's a common scene in film: villain goes after girl, girl grabs gun and shoots, villain goes down.

In the 1973 Turkish film "Kareteci Kiz" ("Karate Girl" in English), Zeynep (actress Filiz Akin) shoots the evil Ferruh (Bulent Kayabas). Sounds pretty standard, right?'

Well, the scene has been dubbed "the worst movie death scene ever," and had over 15 million YouTube views since being posted a week ago.

Check out the super dramatic clip below. Warning: You may want to turn down the volume on your computer first.

There are so many things we love about this clip: Ferruh's moustache, Zeynep's karate chop, the obvious use of blood packs, the appearing/disappearing exit wounds and, of course, the blood curdling scream.

Is this "the worst movie death scene" ever? Tell us in the poll, below!

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