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"Clueless" was one of the defining movies of the '90s -- and now, 17 years later, the cast has reunited to reminisce on filming the flick and remember costar Brittany Murphy.

“It started all of our careers. It definitely started, kick started mine," Donald Faison tells "Good Morning America" on the set of their Entertainment Weekly Reunion photo shoot.

And while Alicia Silverstone played fashionista Cher Horowitz in the movie, in real life Alicia says she was anything but.

“I didn’t understand fashion at all,” Silverstone says. “I had to do 60 changes … I hated the clothes. I just didn’t get it. Then when I saw the movie I was like, ‘I understand!’"

Even Justin Walker (who played Christian in the movie and disappeared from the entertainment industry shortly after) resurfaced for the shoot ... where he shared his memories of the late Brittany Murphy.

“She was so, so, so genuine and sweet," Walker says. "For a week I couldn’t believe it was real, to be honest with you. I was like this cannot be real.”

"She had a contagious laugh,” Stacey Dash (Dionne) added. “She was just angelic, always happy, always lovable.”

Check out the video below to see what the cast members think their characters would be doing now -- and see our gallery above to find out what they've all been up to since the movie's release.

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