Joe Giudice got interrogated on last night's "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion -- as he tried to explain that mysterious phone call from last season where he called Teresa his "bitch wife."

Many speculated that Joe was talking to a girlfriend or mistress on the other line as he snuck away during a group trip to Napa to make the secret call.

But Giudice says that's just not the case. So, who was he talking to?

"Albie, a longtime friend of mine that was taking care of things back home," Joe said to an unconvinced room of "Housewives" stars.

"If I was talking to a girlfriend I probably would have ripped my mic off and thrown it in the bushes," he joked ... but Teresa was the only one who was amused by the remark.

He went on to apologize for calling Teresa the C-word and said he "messed up."

Check out the clip above to watch the awkward exchange. Are you buying it or does he come across as a big liar?

And re-watch the phone call in question below:

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