__1011_neil_insetDiamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend! toofab just caught up with Neil Lane, jewelry designer to the stars, to talk celebrity engagement rings and his brand-new (affordable) line with "Kay Jewelers!"

Lane has designed engagement rings for the likes of Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson, along with a line of A-list celebrities who are regular clients.

But thanks to Neil and Kay Jewelers – women of the world can dress themselves in Lanes’ lavish gems (without the same stiff price tag)!

So what’s his inspiration for the affordable line? “What has always been my inspiration, glamour, vintage, floral, bridal and taking all of that and putting it into a collection that I can bring to America with all the same glamour of Hollywood,” he told toofab.

The jewelry veteran draws inspiration from everything -- flowers to celebrities! “I’ve worked with some of the prettiest and most talented celebrities in the world, both girls and guys. Angelina Jolie is one that stands out the most or Jennifer Lopez, but there isn’t one particular piece or celebrity that inspires me, they’re all like a muse,” Neil confessed to toofab.

The diamond designer recently created Miley Cyrus’ engagement ring and he worked very closely with Liam Hemsworth to make the ring resemble the pop-singer’s taste.

“Working with Liam we had this idea to use gold because it’s kind of fun and different. But it wasn’t just the gold, it was the design. We did an art nouveau design which was very cool with a vintage 19th century vibe. We took an old European cut diamond and really made it like her,” he told toofab.

Typically, men are the ones who pick out the ring, but these days (at least in Hollywood) women are playing a much larger part in the engagement ring process ... with the exception of Hemsworth who wanted to surprise Miley.

“It’s very different today. It used to be just the guy came in, but today I think almost 50% of the couples come in together. But Liam didn’t, he wanted to surprise Miley. But most guys come in, and talk and I get an idea of what they’re looking for, and what the girl wants,” Neil explained.

Either way, we’d be happy to have a Hollywood style engagement ring! For the same celebrity sparkle, make sure you check out Neil Lane’s latest collection at "Kay Jewelers."

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