Things got out of control on last night's episode of "Jersey Shore" -- and ended with Jwoww being thrown to the ground by her own boyfriend during a crazy club fight.

The gang was enjoying a night out at Bamboo, when a massive bar brawl broke out.

While Ronnie, Pauly D and Vinny were all held back by bouncers and security guards, Jwoww's boyfriend Roger Mathews kept getting into it with another clubgoer.

Jenni tried to break it up and play peacekeeper ... but ended up getting violently shoved to the ground by her now-fiance.

It's a wild and disturbing clip, with Sammi saying the brawl was "probably the biggest fight I've ever seen in Seaside."

Roger faced some severe Twitter backlash after the episode aired, prompting him to tweet a defense.

"Love my life. Love my girl. We are on display to judge and judge u may but all that matters at the end of the day is each other. ."

Clearly they're good now, as the two recently got engaged. Check out her engagement ring here.

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