The show may be called "Dancing with the Stars," but last night one of the pros stole the spotlight when she broke down in tears after an on-stage accident.

Karina Smirnoff and partner Apolo Anton Ohno performed a hip-hop routine on Monday night's episode.

Smirnoff was already complaining about the dance during rehearsals, exclaiming "I'll take disco over this (expletive) any day" -- and when it was time to really perform, she slipped up.

Midway through the routine Apolo's mic pack went flying off ... and moments later, Smirnoff hit the floor hard after doing an unchoreographed high kick.

The two soldiered through the rest of the dance, but once it ended Karina immediately broke down in tears.

"Karina, to be honest, I wasn't even looking at you," judge Len Wiseman told her. "So I don't care!"

The rest of the judges calmed her down as well.

Do you think it was that big of a mistake? Check out the clip above!

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