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In 1996, Alexondra Lee joined "Party of Five" in its third season to really shake things up -- and this weekend, she stars in "Paranormal Activity 4."

Lee's role as Bailey's (Scott Wolf) older roommate led to his infamous alcohol abuse and an affair on longtime girlfriend Sarah (Jennifer Love Hewitt).

While she was only on the show for one season, it was a memorable one.

But then, aside from a stint on "Boston Public" and something called "Special Unit 2," she pretty much vanished from the limelight.

This weekend, Lee stars as the main character's mom, Holly in the fourth "Paranormal" flick ... but the role is bittersweet.

The actress' onscreen husband was actually her real-life husband Stephen Dunham, who died of a heart attack on September 14 this year ... his 48th birthday. The two had been married since 2005.

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