With Halloween right around the corner, we're counting down the days by posting five fun facts about our favorite fright flicks.

Today's featured film is "Saw."

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1. Leigh Whannell not only wrote the first film, but starred as Adam (above right), the photographer locked in a bathroom with Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes, above left). Whannell went on to produce the following six films.

2. To escape from the reverse bear trap, Amanda (Shawnee Smith) has to stab and dig through the stomach of her cellmate to find the key. His "guts" are actually a pig's uterus.
3. When Adam begins to smash Zep (Michael Emerson) with the toilet lid, he is actually hitting a garbage bag full of fake blood.
4. The only dummy used in the movie was the burnt corpse of Mark Wilson (Paul Gutrecht), who died while trying to save himself from a slow-acting poison in his body. All the other "corpses" were played by actors.

5. While most victims in popular horror films are female, everyone killed in "Saw" is a man. Equal rights!

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