LeAnn Rimes tried to explain why she entered an in-patient treatment facility back in August ... but she got so choked up she almost didn't get the chance to spit it out!

The 30-year-old singer was a guest on "Katie" today, where she gave her first on-camera interview since getting out of treatment.

"It was the day after I turned 30 that I actually went to the treatment center and for myself I think it was the best birthday gift I could ever give myself ... to once again be honest w/ myself and break down the things that I've struggled with for so long," she explained to Katie.

When pressed on what she was struggling over and why she feels so misunderstood, Rimes choked back tears, taking a moment to say "I'm not gonna cry!"

Then came her reasoning for her problems: "I wasn't a kid."

Rimes, who was thrust into the spotlight when she was just 13, says it's been hard for her to deal with the loss of her childhood and the stress was just overwhelming.

Watch the video above for the full explanation. Does it change your opinion of LeAnn at all?

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