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Courtney Stodden has unveiled her Halloween costume ... and, surprise surprise, it's a revealing one.

While Jwoww pulled a fast one on us this year and decided to cover up, this young reality star played it a little more obvious and showed off some major cleavage.

The 18-year-old teen bride dressed as a sexy unicorn, wearing a costume from Josie Stevens' Josie Loves J. Valentine line. Her 52-year-old husband Doug Hutchison dressed as the "King of the Unicorns."

Stodden recently revealed why she always dresses in such risque clothing, telling her "Couple's Therapy" therapist "I feel like I have a good body, I'm enjoying my youth now."

What do you think of their costumes? Check out all the other revealing outfits she considered wearing this year here.

And see how Courtney's costume compares to some of the other racy get-ups in Hollywood in the gallery above!

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