We're not sure what's more shocking about this video: That Courtney Stodden got kicked out of the "Couples Therapy" home ... or that she knows who Erin Brockovich is.

On last night's episode, show therapist Dr. Jenn Berman gave the teen bride an ultimatum: Change your clothes or get out!

After dabbling with some more conservative looks, Courtney had enough and went back to her risque ways and invoked Brockovich's name in the process.

"I'm not willing to change my style in any way, shape or form," Stodden told Berman. "One name: Erin Brockovich ... she would be reacting the same way because she is strong and she is courageous in this sense."

Keep in mind Courtney was only 5 when the Julia Roberts movie was released.

After she refused to budge, Court and 52-year-old hubby Doug Hutchison were given the boot ... but worry not, promos for next week's episode reveal they'll be coming back.

Do you think Stodden makes a point ... or is it time to cover up a lil bit?

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